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Django-newsfeed – A news curator and newsletter subscription package for Django

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Storing Django Static and Media Files on Amazon S3

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Show HN: Build Machine Learning Web-Service with Python and Django

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Learn how to build a simple Twitter clone using Django and Vue.js (3 hours+)

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I wrote a book about Django web development for beginners

When I was learning Django, I watched youtube videos but I never found a cohesive guide of how to start developing web apps with Django. Most of the documentation is all over the place and the official documentation is a bit overwhelming for a beginner. The first three chapters are free, see link below. […]

Creating a Custom User Model in Django

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Upload Multiple Images to a Model with Django

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Ask HN: Modern tech companies that use Django for Web products.

What are some big companies that use Django as a backend for most web based projects? Examples that come to mind are Todoist and What are the ones I am missing? Comments URL: Points: 10 # Comments: 16

Django-raw-API is async-capable now

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New trailers: The Forty-Year-Old Version, The Boys in the Band, No Time to Die, and more

I’ve been sort of stuck in a rerun rut the past week or so (fine, OK, yes I’ve been rewatching Battlestar Galactica and last night I watched The Matrix. Keanu forever). Maybe it just feels comforting to watch a show or movie where you know the outcome when things in the real world are so […]

EA apologizes for putting full-screen in-game ad in UFC 4

EA has apologized for putting a full-screen, in-game ad into its UFC 4 game, after angry fans protested on Reddit. First reported by Eurogamer, the commercial break, which featured a spot for Amazon’s show The Boys, was added to the $60 game about a month after its initial release. An EA spokesperson wrote in a […]

Amazon bars foreign sales of plants to the US following deliveries of mystery seeds

Amazon is banning foreign sales of plants and seeds into the US as authorities try to weed out who may be sending packets of mystery seeds to people who did not order them, The Wall Street Journal reported. The packets of seeds bearing postmarks from China have been arriving at homes around the world for […]


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